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Can it Increase Employment in US? Yes
Published on March 22, 2008 By creativegb In Current Events

Outsourcing creates wealth by 'cost-cutting', and it generates employment in the country to which business processes are outsourced -- we all know this.

Can this Corporate economic advantage be transformed into a National Advantage for the People of USA -- the Country that outsources? Yes!

1. The 'savings made in terms of reduced costs' by the Corporates (through outsourcing) must, by legislation, be invested in Long-Term Infrastructure Bonds issued/sold by the Treasury/Government of US -- for this purpose all outsourcing Corporates shall have to enlist with the local Government and declare the additional profits that accrue to them by such outsourcing. And, for collation of this data, all Indian Companies to whom these processes are outsourced should submit their data to the Government of India. Needless to say, the two Governments will liaise with each-other.

2. The funds raised through these Bonds should be utilised by the US Government for investing in those areas that exhibit viable, self-sustaining & the quickest possible roll-over effect in generating additional employment in the USA.

3. The 'Marketing Strategy' of US MNCs ought to aim at garnering the largest possible segment of population in the vendee country -- for example, it will be a very inappropriate & short-sighted approach to woo the upper-middle & middle classes with durable consumer goods in India where more than 60-65 per cent people are 'poor' (more than 37% are "BELOW the Poverty-Line"). 

WHEREAS many times larger market-potential lies in providing a composite basket of goods that fulfills the needs & aspirations of the Indian masses -- for which the Government of India should be willing to pay if the US Companies (like Microsoft, Intel and AT & T who have the necessary knowhow) come together in assessing and addressing these needs & aspirations. As a Consultant to the Ministry of Panchayati Raj, the Author had mooted such a Proposal to the Indian Government which the ruling UPA immediately accepted and its largest partner, the Congress, included the same in its Election Manifesto for 2009 General Elections. But it lies in cold storage now because the bureaucratic implementers do not possess the necessary vision and expertise to give it a concrete shape, and they have not yet asked the Author for paid Consultancy-assistance in this regard.

The same is the fate of 'Rural Business Hubs' project because its implementers have not planned to make the crucial modifications that are necessary to put into operation its supply-side mechanism and build its marketing infrastructure. 

P.S.: While addressing this crucial economic issue to generate additional employment in the United States, may I also humbly broach another issue with which every American is emotionally concerned -- a safe haven for Osama Bin Laden, in the current political & military scenario in Asia, is Aksai Chin (a territory in mainland India that is physically occupied by Pakistani & Chinese Military) and not the hills of Hindu-Kush on Pak-Afghan border. So, we now know where to look.

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